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Mitsubishi Electric

Residential and Commercial HVAC Solutions

Critel Enterprises LLC chooses Mitsubishi Electric for residential and commercial HVAC solutions due to their unparalleled innovation, reliability, and efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric’s cutting-edge technology ensures optimal performance and energy savings, making it an ideal choice for any setting. The flexibility of their ductless systems, the robust performance of their heat pumps, and the scalability of their VRF systems provide tailored solutions for diverse customer needs. 

The Mr. Slim Series of small- to medium-sized split-type room air conditioners combines compactness with power, ensuring excellent performance and easy installation. Available in a range of capacities and designs, the series allows for the perfect system to meet your air conditioning needs. Inverter-based units offer industry-leading quiet operation and a high coefficient of performance (COP).

Mitsubishi AC
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