Seasonal Maintenance provided by Critel Enterprises in York, Nebraska helps your home to stay clean, healthy and comfortable. With our service agreements we will come out and service and maintain your HVAC systems 2-4 times a year, you won’t have to worry about breathing in the debris and matter from a filter like this one. Which will help keep your family happy and healthy!

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Critel Enterprises

Regular Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit needs regular maintenance

…and without it, your expensive investment could lose about five percent of its efficiency. Critel Enterprises can provide you with regular tune-ups that will save you money, especially when it comes to your utility bills.


Critel Enterprises recommends that you schedule a residential air conditioning service during the spring before the weather starts to warm up, or in the fall before it is retired for the winter.


During your residential air conditioning service, Critel Enterprises will check the amp draw of your compressor and clean the condensing coils. The highly trained technicians will also check that your belts are well adjusted, that the fan motors are oiled and the systems operating temperatures and pressures are running according to the manufacturers specifications. Your coolant levels will also be checked for accuracy as units that are running ten percent low on coolant could cost you up to twenty percent more when you run your air conditioner. According to the ACCA, or the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, your coolant levels should be checked annually.


Schedule your annual residential air conditioning service with Critel Enterprises today.



It’s All in the Details

When it comes to Residential Air Conditioning Repair, you can count on Critel Enterprises to keep you cool when your system breaks down. With fast and affordable Residential Air Conditioning Repair, the team of professional technicians is ready to restore the comfort back to your home as quickly as possible.


Critel Enterprises can provide you and your family with Residential Air Conditioning Repair without costing you a fortune and can repair all major brands and models of air conditioning units.


Homeowners trust Critel Enterprises  for fast and same day service, with no hidden costs. Every technician from Critel Enterprises is courteous, highly trained, and verified giving you peace of mind.


All of the work from Critel Enterprises is guaranteed with technicians who are licensed and bonded.


When it comes to Residential Air Conditioning Repair nobody does it better than Critel Enterprises. Call for a Residential Air Conditioning Repair quote today.